The Western Wall – Laws and Traditions / Rabbi Rabinowitz and Rabbi Bronstein

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Laws and traditions relating to the Western Wall and to Temple Mount in our time – in a beautiful, smaller edition (without pictures).

For the first time, this unique book collects laws and traditions pertaining to the Western Wall and the Temple Mount in accessible language and with a huge list of sources for those who want to expand their knowledge. The content of this book is identical to the larger album edition, but the format is smaller and suitable for a beit midrash and for the learning public.

Recommended for those interested in the history of the Western Wall and its traditions, for those who deal with halacha (Jewish law), and for anyone who wants to know how to behave at this sacred site where the holiness of the Temple resides, until mashiach comes speedily and in our day.

25 x 16.5 cm
408 pages


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