Shabbat Evening Prayers – Nusach Eidot Mizrach

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Booklet of Shabbat evening (Friday evening) prayers (mincha, Song of Songs, Kabbalat Shabbat, arvit for Shabbat).


Jerusalem glows with a special light on Shabbat evening. Thousands of worshippers rush to ancient and new synagogues and to the Western Wall – the remnant of our Temple. Minyanim, quorums, gather there. The ambience is electric. One group sings an ancient Jerusalem melody while another breaks into a Carlebach tune. Some dance wildly while others slowly and mysteriously rock. Some finish praying quickly while others take their time. What everyone has in common is that they have all come to greet Shabbat in solidarity, all Jewish tribes together. This collection of Shabbat Evening Prayers was created for them. It is attractive and light, and particularly suitable for groups spending Shabbat in Jerusalem.
22 x 14.5 cm.
53 pages



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