1. General
1.1 The provisions of these rules will apply to any use and/or purchase of products by users of the website, and may vary from time to time, at the sole discretion of the Company. Therefore, before performing any action on the website, the user is requested to read carefully the terms of use, including the privacy policy.
1.3 The Company reserves the right to change, delete and/or add to these terms of use at any time and without any undertaking to provide advance and/or retrospect notice. Any addition and/or change made in the website, in the content of the website and/or in these conditions will bind you to continue to use it. Therefore, we recommend that you inspect these conditions from time to time. Your use of the website after making the changes indicates your consent to these changes. If you do not consent to changes, please abstain from continuing to use the website or contact us for assistance so that we can provide you alternative solutions.
1.4 The wording of the rules that is binding at any time is the wording of the rules published on the website.
1.5 In any case of contradiction and/or discrepancy of any type or kind between the content of the website and the provisions of these rules, the provisions of the rules will take precedence.
1.6 Use of the website, including browsing and/or purchasing of products by the user, constitutes confirmation that the user has read the provisions of these rules and consents to the provisions of these rules, including the terms of the privacy policy set forth in these rules, as updated from time to time, and agrees to follow them and accept them without any limitation or reservation. If you do not consent to the terms of use, please avoid using the website or contact us so that we can assist you in alternative ways to your satisfaction.
1.7 The registration to the website and the use of the information that he user has provided to the Company and/or that has accumulated about the user of the when using the website will be done in accordance with the provisions of any law and the privacy policy of the website, which constitutes an integral part of the terms of use.

2. Prohibited uses of the website
2.1 Without giving advance written authorization by the Company, you are not allowed to perform the following actions and/or acts when using the website and its content:
2.1.1 Making commercial use of the website and/or its content.
2.1.2 Copying, restoring, changing, processing, translating, distributing, displaying, performing, duplicating, publishing and storing the content of the website, in part or in full.
2.1.3 Operating or allowing the operation of any computer app or any other means, including crawler and robot type programs, etc., for automatic searching, scanning, copying or retrieval of the website content.
2.1.4 Disrupting or infringing on any right of another user of the website, including the right to privacy and/or gathering personal information on the users of the website without their explicit written consent, including using automatic means.
3. Products and the manner of sales
3.1 The website offers users the purchase of various products, in different models, types and quantities, at the sole discretion of the Company. It is clarified hereby that the Company is allowed at any time at its sole discretion to add and/or remove products offered for sale on the website and establish their manner of sale and price, including delivery fees.
3.2 General
3.2.1 The prices that are published on the website along the products that are for sale (including on the product pages) are the ordinary prices of the products at the Company (hereinafter “the ordinary price”). Accordingly, special offer prices and/or special prices that are shown and/or that will be shown on the website concerning these and other products are discounted prices relative to the ordinary price published on the website of the said products.
3.2.2 Through the website one may purchase products until stocks run out. If after the sale it is found that the product is out of stock owing to circumstances that were not known at the time of ordering, the Company will announce within 5 workdays that the product is out of stock. In such a case the Company will inform the purchaser of cancellation of the sale or will offer him an alternative product.
3.2.4 All of the products offered for sale on the website are new products.
3.2.5 The Company invests great resources in order for the products appearing for sale on the website are continuously and exactly updated. If owing to any error in good faith the product that the purchaser has received, including the specification, does not correspond with the product appearing on the website, the purchaser will be given an option to choose between receiving the existing product as may be actually supplied and cancelling the purchase and receiving all amounts collected from him for the product.
4. The registration for the website and manner of processing of the order
4.1 The purchase of a product at the website requires registration on the website and provision of basic personal details as required on the registration page. Within the registration you must provide basic personal details that appear on the registration page, such as: name, address, email, telephone numbers, credit card number, validity, etc. and any other detail that must be provided on the registration page. In order for the order to be made quickly and without faults, you must make sure to provide the correct details, otherwise the Company will not be able to ensure that the purchase will be made.
4.2 Immediately after entering all details and executing the order, the Company will check the credit card information. The product will be delivered to the purchaser’s home only after receiving confirmation by the credit card company and according to the other provisions of the terms of use.
4.3 The order will be registered on the computers of the Company. In addition a confirmation of execution of the transaction will be sent by email within a few hours of ending the ordering process.
4.4 It should be clarified and emphasized that sending the email does not constitute evidence of performing any transaction and does not bind the Company. Records on the data processing computer of the Company that conducts digital recording of all actions on the website as set forth will constitute prima facies evidence of the statements therein.
4.5 It is clarified hereby that entering false personal details is completely prohibited and constitutes a criminal offense under the provisions of the Penal Code and a person doing so is liable for criminal and civil legal proceedings, including torts claims for damage sustained by the Company owing to disruption of sale proceedings.
4.6 In the case of the transaction not being approved by the credit companies, the purchaser will receive an appropriate message.
5. Delivery times, transport and shipment
5.1 The delivery of the products purchased on the website that have been fully paid for by credit card will be done by the Company and/or the postal service, according to the conditions stated on the page of the product purchased to the address in Israel and/or overseas that the purchaser entered when making the order.
5.2 The shipment fees indicated on the product page do not included charges for extraordinary transport. Any surcharge for extraordinary transport will be borne and paid for by the purchaser.
5.3 The delivery date of the products will be as set forth on the page of the product purchased. The number of days for delivering the product will start on the day of receipt of confirmation of the transaction from the purchaser’s credit company. The delivery date and the pickup date are calculated by business days, i.e. Sunday to Thursday, and do not include Fridays, Saturdays, eves of religious holidays, religious holidays and days of rest.
5.4 In circumstances of a delay owing to force majeure such as a fire, flood or war and/or due to events over which the Company has no control such as strikes and faults, the Company will inform the purchases as soon as it learns of the delay and will allow them to choose either to wait for the product or receive an alternative product or cancel the transaction for a refund.
5.5 The Company will not be responsible for delays that are not under its control and/or that originate from the purchaser, including but not limited to a delay owing to difficulty to contact the purchaser during ordinary work hours. Such a delay will not be considered a breach of the obligation of the Company to deliver the product.

6. Limitation of liability
6.1 The Company makes great efforts to provide you a high quality, safe use experience of the website. However, the website is not immune to faults and/or problems and you may not have access to the website from time to time.
6.2 The user is aware that the website, including any content and/or service therein, is provided by the Company as is and subject to their availability. The Company will not bear any liability, explicit or implicit, concerning the website, including any content or service therein, or concerning their match to a specific purpose and/or the requirements of the user. The user declares and warrants hereby that he is solely and fully responsible for any use that he makes of the website, including regarding any content and/or service therein, and that he is aware that the Company is not aware, directly or indirectly, of any use that it makes of the website as set forth.
6.3 The Company and/or its agents will not bear any liability for damage and/or loss, direct or indirect, including concomitant, consequential, sporadic damage or punitive damages (including but not limited to compensation for loss of work and business, loss of profits, shutdowns and interruptions of work, loss of business information, impaired goodwill, and any other loss and/or financial damage, expected or unexpected), which stems from and/or is related to the website, or any content and/or service therein, or any use thereof including but not limited to:
6.3.1 Use and/or inability to use the website, including any content and/or service therein, for any reason;
6.3.2 Messages and/or files that have been received by the user during and/or due to the use of the website, including any content and/or service therein;
6.3.3 Use of and/or reliance on information and contents that are published on the website, whether by the Company or by third parties;
6.3.4 Any act and/or omission made in or concerning the content of the website after its delivery to third parties;
6.3.5 Interruptions, availability and serviceability of the website, including any content and/or service therein, for any reason, including stemming from disruptions in or failures of the Internet or the telephony network;
6.3.6 Damage or loss resulting from an error, mistake, inaccuracy etc. in the content of the website.
6.4. Errors in the input of the customer’s particulars on the Company’s computers for any reason, including a fault related to the Company, will not constitute a cause for any argument and/or claim on the part of the users even if a proposal of a user for purchasing a product and/or actually purchasing a product has not been entered into the computers of the Company as a result.
6.5. The limitation of liability in this section does not detract from any other limitation of liability set forth in the terms of use, including the privacy policy.

7. Information security
7.1 The Company does everything it can to protect the privacy of the data provided by the users of the website and its customers, by taking common precautions and using advanced security technologies. The user is aware that the Company devotes efforts and takes strict means to prevent hacking of the website and to defeat possible invasion of the privacy of the user, but it cannot prevent these disruptions absolutely.
7.2 The Company will use protection and encryption means of SSL type that are used in the e-commerce field for actions of online information disclosure, as required by law. The said protection means are intended to secure encrypted information flow between the user’s computer during the purchase and the servers of the website and the Company.
7.3 The Company does everything it can and is assisted by advanced technological and organizational security means to secure the website, the communication through it and the information that is under its control, against accidental or deliberate exploitation, loss, destruction or against access by unauthorized individuals. The communication between the computer of the user or website visitor and the computers of the Company is secured using common encryption methods, in accordance with the standards practiced. In addition, the Company takes reasonable means to protect the website and hardware and software elements related to its operation and has them regularly updated, inter alia, to protect the website and its content against hacking, breaches and unauthorized eavesdropping.