Limitation of liability

6.1 The Company makes great efforts to provide you a high quality, safe use experience of the website. However, the website is not immune to faults and/or problems and you may not have access to the website from time to time.
6.2 The user is aware that the website, including any content and/or service therein, is provided by the Company as is and subject to their availability. The Company will not bear any liability, explicit or implicit, concerning the website, including any content or service therein, or concerning their match to a specific purpose and/or the requirements of the user. The user declares and warrants hereby that he is solely and fully responsible for any use that he makes of the website, including regarding any content and/or service therein, and that he is aware that the Company is not aware, directly or indirectly, of any use that it makes of the website as set forth.
6.3 The Company and/or its agents will not bear any liability for damage and/or loss, direct or indirect, including concomitant, consequential, sporadic damage or punitive damages (including but not limited to compensation for loss of work and business, loss of profits, shutdowns and interruptions of work, loss of business information, impaired goodwill, and any other loss and/or financial damage, expected or unexpected), which stems from and/or is related to the website, or any content and/or service therein, or any use thereof including but not limited to:
6.3.1 Use and/or inability to use the website, including any content and/or service therein, for any reason;
6.3.2 Messages and/or files that have been received by the user during and/or due to the use of the website, including any content and/or service therein;
6.3.3 Use of and/or reliance on information and contents that are published on the website, whether by the Company or by third parties;
6.3.4 Any act and/or omission made in or concerning the content of the website after its delivery to third parties;
6.3.5 Interruptions, availability and serviceability of the website, including any content and/or service therein, for any reason, including stemming from disruptions in or failures of the Internet or the telephony network;
6.3.6 Damage or loss resulting from an error, mistake, inaccuracy etc. in the content of the website.
6.4. Errors in the input of the customer’s particulars on the Company’s computers for any reason, including a fault related to the Company, will not constitute a cause for any argument and/or claim on the part of the users even if a proposal of a user for purchasing a product and/or actually purchasing a product has not been entered into the computers of the Company as a result.
6.5. The limitation of liability in this section does not detract from any other limitation of liability set forth in the terms of use, including the privacy policy.